The content of this website is driven by the knowledge obtained during UPSKILLS, a three-year Erasmus+ project (2020-2023) dedicated to advancing the skills of linguistics, translation and language students. The website is intended for both students and lecturers.

For students

If you are a student whose studies focus(ed) on languages, linguistics, and/or translation and you are interested in working in language industry sector, this website will help you understand some of the paths you could pursue in your career. After completing the survey, you will be presented with a profile that may suit your interest and talents. This is meant as a suggestion for your professional growth. However, be advised that actual job advertisements will most likely require a combination of knowledge, skills and competences associated with different profiles.

For lecturers

If you are a lecturer, the materials provided on this website can be employed to raise your students' awareness and motivation to learn a composite set of skills and competences that open up new job opportunities for them. The four career profiles showcased have been developed as a result of a detailed Needs Analysis. If you would like to include some of these skills and competences to your own teaching, we provide some learning contents, that you can reuse as you like.